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Our Mission

Living with cancer is challenging, even without the additional stress of covering the cost of prescriptions, home care, transportation or other essential services when insurance coverage or finances may be limited.

The Cancer Outreach Foundation was created to assist cancer patients and their families in Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee by providing support when other options are not available. Our growing range of services is designed to help people living with cancer feel the strength of a supportive and caring community.

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Meet the Team

Brian Wampler


Jenny Sexton

Vice Chair

Mitzie Catron

Patient Advocate

Becky Martin

Administrative Assistant

Larry Barrett

Board Member

Susan Blevins

Board Member

Jennifer Darnell

Board Member

Jay Gouge

Board Member

Larry Selvaggi

Board Member

John Singleton

Board Member

Judy Smith

Board Member

Nancy Starnes

Board Member

Dr. Forrest Swan, Jr.

Board Member

Jessie Winship

Board Member

About: Meet the Team
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